OUR Capabilities

Areas of Accreditation

Advance Civil Engineering Pty Ltd is a Contractor Accreditation Limited approved contractor in the following categories:

Category Group Sub Group Rating
Building Commercial/Industrial Basic new work $5 Million
  Demolition Mechanical means $5 Million
Civil Works Civil Engineering Bridges $20 Million
    Marine Structures $20 Million
    Culverts - Cast In Situ $20 Million
    Other Civil Structures $20 Million
  Earthworks and Pavements Aerodromes $10 Million
    Urban Roads $10 Million
    Rural Sealed Roads $10 Million
    Unsealed Roads $10 Million
    Stabilisation $10 Million
    Bulk Earthworks $10 Million
    Site Preparation $5 Million
  Traffic Control and Safety Traffic Management $10 Million
  Hydraulics Water and Sewer Mains $20 Million

Quality Management

Advance Civil Engineering Pty Ltd is committed to providing our clients with a quality product. To this end we have in place a project specific quality assurance system. Part of our commitment to quality encompasses the endeavour to bring in all our projects ON TIME and WITHIN budget.

Work Health & Safety Management

OUR GOAL - A Healthy workplace, free of injuries with minimum impact on our environment


Management of Advance Civil Engineering Pty Ltd is committed to taking all reasonable precaution to provide an maintain a work environment that is safe and without risks, injury or illness.

Advance Civil Engineering Pty Ltd Work Health & Safety Management System is third party certified to AS/NZ 4801:2001



We are also accredited under the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme